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IPCS is a well-established Institute of Professional Computer Studies and Information Technology in the Ratnapura district. We have been conducting NVQ IT & English Courses with the highest quality standards.We do recommend our standard. At the moment she is obtaining a good theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Ingenic Interactive White Board

Ingenic Interactive white board combined with our award-winning teaching software creates an engaging and interactive learning experience in the classroom.

Interactive white board (IWBs) have become more and more prevalent in the classroom over the years. And it’s no wonder-the benefits are vast and offer teachers new , inventive ways to demonstrate core and supplemental concepts. As children become more familiar with smart technology at home, the classroom is catching up and teachers are using the benefits of technology to their advantages. Even more exciting are the advantages this technology offers students.


About NVQ
Traditionally the primary and secondary schools are teaching according to nationally recognized curricula and conduct exams and award G.C.E. (O/L) and G.C.E. (A/L) certificates. Further, the bachelor degrees in Arts and Science, those awarded under the preview of UGC (University Grant Commission) that have equality and recognition irrespective of universities.

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It is a unique achievement of the IPCS for being able to excel in performance as a prominent institute in producing trained workers of the national level in accordance with the international standards targeting the timely needs of the job market in the field of ICT and English. Keeping up with the novel trends of the field we have been in existence for fifteen years and further we hope to proceed with our duties with a clear vision of enhancing our services. The staff of IPCS is collectively acting with great commitment in achieving the above goal. Going hand in hand with the TVEC (Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission) which functions under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development we are now rendering an excellent service to the student community paving them the way from the national certificate to the NVQ Diploma and the Degree of Bachelor of Technology.

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Summary of Issuing NVQ level Certificates
Short Code
Course Name Certificate Quantity
CAA Computer Application Assistant 900
CGD Computer Graphic Designer 190
ICTT Information & Communication Technology Technician 55
CHT Computer Hardware Technician 32
CNT Computer Network Technician 12
Student Registration to IPCS in Last few Years
  • CAA – 183 66%
  • CGD – 24 9%
  • ICTT – 56 20%
  • CNT – 14 4%
  • CHT – 3 1%
  • CAA – 200 59%
  • CGD – 30 09%
  • ICTT – 100 30%
  • CNT – 3 1%
  • CHT – 4 1%
  • CAA – 200 59%
  • CGD – 40 09%
  • ICTT – 150 30%
  • CNT – 8 1%
  • CHT – 6 1%
  • CAA – 250 59%
  • CGD – 45 09%
  • ICTT – 200 30%
  • CNT – 8 1%
  • CHT – 6 1%

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